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Welcome To North Marin United

The North Marin United competitive soccer program is a cooperative effort of the Miller Creek Soccer League and the Novato Youth Soccer Association.  While both clubs operate their own Recreational Fall Leagues, the combined efforts of the two clubs creating one competitive program, offers players  U9—U19, a broader spectrum of playing, while  participating at a competitive level. 

Each North Marin United Team is trained and coached by our professional coaches, which have been hand selected by our Director of Coaching,Yasert Ortega.  Our curriculum based training outline ensures that your son or daughter will improve in all aspects of their game, and truly feel that they are part of a team.

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Did You Know?

North Marin United is a competitive soccer club powered by Novato Youth Soccer Association and Miller Creek Soccer League.

North Marin United offers great opportunities for players age 6 ½ - 18*.

North Marin United teams participate** in the Norcal Playdates, Norcal Spring League, Norcal Fall League, and Norcal State Cup, as well as other local and regional tournaments**.

North Marin United professionally licensed coaching staff is lead by Director of Coaching Yasert Ortega.

North Marin United teams train locally, on fields at Hill Recreation Area, Loma Verde School, (College of Marin) Indian Valley Campus (IVC), Novato HS Turf, and San Marin HS Turf.

Our teams train at least twice per week, and have one or two games per weekend (tournament weekends vary), over the course of an approximate 10 month season.

North Marin United is dedicated to youth soccer players in Lucas Valley and Novato who want to participate in a higher level soccer experience!

North Marin United competitive soccer teams are a family, and there is tremendous support with carpooling and team fundraising.

North Marin United is dedicated to offering players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to participate in a safe and enjoyable competitive soccer program, working to improve their technical and tactical skills as individuals and as teams.

North Marin United offers other recreational soccer programs in your neighborhood with either Dixie Youth Soccer Association (Lucas Valley) or Novato Youth Soccer Association (Novato), should you decide that competitive soccer is not for you.

North Marin United is working everyday to make certain that your child’s competitive soccer experience is something that they will always remember!

QUESTIONS?  Contact us at: